JSIF Corporate Profile

JSIF’s Corporate Profile


The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) considers itself to be the leading project implementation agency on behalf of the Government of Jamaica. We have been able to achieve this based on our core values of honesty, transparency and accountability through the application of our code of ethics, our zero tolerance to fraud and corruption, our sense of corporate social responsibility buttressed by a dedicated multifaceted and multidisciplinary project team headed by decisive leadership. 


The JSIF was established in 1996, and since then has been dedicated to the task of mobilizing resources and channelling them to community-based, socio-economic projects to meet the special circumstances of urban, suburban, and rural settings, to improve the quality of life of persons living in the country’s most vulnerable communities and doing so in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.


The JSIF plays a critical role in the Government of Jamaica artillery in helping to reduce poverty as well as creating opportunities for the most vulnerable in the society by supporting Vision 2030 and facilitating the empowerment of communities and the growth of national capacity. The JSIF employs multifaceted approaches that address in a coherent, mutually consistent way, the various challenges that are faced by persons living in underserved communities.

Key to the Organization’s success has been the partnerships that have been forged with multilateral and bilateral development partners, Ministries, state agencies and Departments, the private sector, as well as several community-based organizations. The JSIF has successfully implemented projects valued at billions of dollars and has obtained repeated and successive funding by the International Development Funding Partners and has annually increased the value of the project portfolio managed. The JSIF operates using a state-of-the-art management information system which tracks all the entities business processes including its financial applications , from project inception to project completion. The Community driven approach adopted and utilized by the JSIF is a central intrinsic part of its operation.


The JSIF believes in continuous improvement and was the first in the island to obtain the coveted International Organization for Standardization (ISO)14001 environmental management certification. We have been audited annually and have proudly maintained this certification which has been upgraded to ISO 14001:2015. We have also obtained Gender Certification since 2013, which is central to how we operate.


The JSIF has had many accolades and awards, however in October 2010, when it received a Gleaner award for consistent contribution to community development, Abhas K. JHA from the World Bank indicated that ‘the JSIF has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with and sees it as a public sector success story because of the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the community development work by JSIF”.

The JSIF continues to invest heavily in community development through impactful social and infrastructure programmes across Jamaica.

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