JSIF Partnerships

JSIF Partnerships

Over the years JSIF has been creating and developing partnerships with other organizations. The establishment of partnerships is a crucial factor for fulfilling JSIF's mandate of poverty alleviation. By joining forces strategically with key partners, the Fund ensures that there is a reduction in the duplication of efforts and allows for a more streamlined utilization of scarce resources.

Furthermore, collaboration allows JSIF and its partners to more effectively take advantage of available expertise and experience. To this end, the Fund has forged valuable partnerships with line ministries (some more closely than others), government agencies, private sector entities as well as non-government organizations.

The implementation of the Inner City Basic Services Project (ICBSP) has resulted in the formation of new partnerships between the JSIF and key stakeholders through the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).  The Fund's effort to achieve ISO 14001 certification has also lead to the formation of international partnerships with other organizations.

Partnerships have been effective in reducing project costs and assisting the agencies with which the organization collaborates to have a better understanding of the need for community involvement and empowerment. The Fund continues to believe in, and advocate for strong partnerships with other stakeholders including the private and the public sectors, in order to streamline and enhance our ability to offer services to as many Jamaicans as possible. Partnerships also facilitate the future sustainability of JSIF investments and encourage cohesiveness and effective utilization of scarce resources.