Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Company is engaged in the generation of electricity using nuclear power. OPG’s electricity generating portfolio, as of December 31, 2004, had a total in-service capacity of 22,790 MW, which consisted of:

  • Three nuclear stations
  • Six fossil-fuelled stations
  • 64 hydroelectric stations
  • Three wind power stations

OPG achieved ISO 14001 certification in 1996 and has continued to maintain certification over the past ten years. 

OPG was among the first North American utilities to earn ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout its major facilities and plant groups.

The ISO 14001 EMS system helps Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to make certain that its environmental policies are managed, implemented, checked and reviewed within an overall context of continuous improvement. Within operations, the EMS is instrumental in assisting the business units to manage their environmental impacts.

In 2005, the Corporate level EMS and EMS's for all of the generating facilities passed an external registration audit process to retain their ISO 14001 certifications based on upgraded standards.

There is a signed mentorship agreement between OPG and JSIF.