Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Grant

Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Grant


Government of Jamaica has placed significant priority on community-based crime and violence prevention initiatives and has sought partnerships with multilateral and bilateral agencies, to strengthen the coordinated response capacity of governmental and nongovernmental actors.

The Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) project emerged from a consultative process, with a coalition of over a dozen leading Jamaican NGOs and community groups, active in community crime and violence prevention. These organizations are active in a broad range of high risk communities and the activities outlined for support under this proposal reflect key areas of need, as identified by communities and through a range of participatory processes. The JSDF also builds on the 2-3 years of active community engagement in 12 inner city neighborhoods covered under the ICBSP Project. In each of these communities JSIF has conducted public safety assessments and maintains an active and regular dialogue with beneficiary groups. The project also reflects priorities established in dialogue between the World Bank, the Government of Jamaica, JSIF and the Japanese Government through JICA representatives in Jamaica.

The Grant is thus financed by the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World Bank and is implemented by the JSIF. The Grant became effective June 3, 2009 and seeks to support JSIF’s present efforts in reducing the incidence of crime and violence in high risk and vulnerable inner city communities in Jamaica. It has two main components:

Component A: of the Grant is being implemented with the support of the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) to assist in the development and implementation of a Crime and Violence Information System, in addition to strengthening the planning capabilities of the Project communities.

Specifically, the Component will produce the following:

  1. An integrated crime and violence information platform or web based crime observatory; Integrated Crime and Violence Information System (ICVIS) for the twelve (12) communities captured by the Inner City Basic Services Project (ICBSP), that will serve as a platform to host and share crime and violence information with stakeholders in a secure system, designed within international standards.  The ICVIS will be hosted or transitioned to a GoJ agency to be decided.

  2. The Production of community action plans aimed at strengthening the planning capabilities of the project communities for crime and violence prevention.

  3. Funding of subproject activities identified in the community action plans, focusing on vulnerable and high risk populations in the project communities.

This Component was expected to roll out over a two year period; coinciding with the closure of the ICBSP in 2011.

Component B: The Jamaica Violence Action (JAVA) Fund - utilizes the JAVA Fund to finance crime and violence prevention activities in high-risk areas along the Kingston-May Pen metropolitan corridor in the southeastern region of the island.

Specifically, the JAVA Fund will support innovative approaches to crime and violence prevention through demand-driven subprojects, developed and implemented by NGOs and CBOs with established track records in community-based crime and violence prevention. The JAVA Fund will support subprojects in three thematic areas:

  1. Mediation and conflict resolution

  2. Social programmes for youth at risk, aimed at violence prevention

  3. Social support services for vulnerable families in the selected communities

The JAVA Fund aims to fund an estimated sixteen (16) sub grants between January 2010 and December 2011.

Overall the Grant aims to directly and indirectly benefit approximately 93,500 residents of high risk neighborhoods; through participation in targeted crime and violence prevention activities and improved public safety.


Inner City Youth being trained in Animation

Inner City Youth get training in Animation