Integrated Community Development Project

Integrated Community Development Project

The Government of Jamaica has signed a loan with the World Bank in the amount of US$42 million for the implementation of the Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP). The project is currently being implemented by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund and will run from May 2014 to May 2020.

The ICDP aims to promote public safety and transformation through the delivery of basic infrastructure and social services in 18 communities. Projects components will include:


 1.    Improvement in access to basic infrastructure to include:

  • Road rehabilitation
  • Improving storm water drainage
  • Installing water supply and sanitation household connections
  • Promoting behavior change related to water supply, sanitation, electrical connections and solid waste management
  • Improving electricity connections and lightning in communities
  • Extension of electricity network and regularization of illegal connections
  • Rehabilitation of educational facilities
  • Construction of community integrated spaces
  • Solid Waste Management – clean up and beautification, provision of equipment, infrastructure, training of environmental wardens
  • Maintenance training and facilities management


  2.    Improvement in Public Safety:

  • Violence Interruption Programmes in communities – including mediation and counseling services, trauma responses
  • Training of community mediators
  • Construction of mobile mediation posts
  • Violence prevention programmes in schools
  • Replacement of zinc fences with alternative fencing solutions


  3.    Youth Livelihood Projects to include:

  • Micro Enterprise Development – training
  • Education and Skills Training programmes for at-risk youth
  • Training in creative industries – animation, entertainment and the arts
  • Youth Recreational programmes – after school programmes,  sports,  summer camps


   4.    Institutional Strengthening for Urban and Public Safety

  • Institutional strengthening of selected Ministries, Departments and Agencies responsible for urban management, public safety through the provision of technical assistance and equipment.



ClarendonYork Town, Treadlight, Curatoe Hill/Canaan Heights
KingstonHannah Town, Denham Town, Tivoli Gardens
St. AndrewMajesty Gardens, Wilton Gardens/Rema, Maxfield Park, Greenwich Town/Newport West, Rose Town
St. AnnSteer Town
St. CatherineSpanish Town Central  (Ellerslie Pen)
St. JamesRetirement, Anchovy, Barrett Town, Granville