Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

The implementation of an EMS is reflective of JSIF's committment to Environmental Sustainability, as part of JSIF’s EMS, the following among other things will be managed:

  • Loss of soil and slope instability
  • Removal and damage to trees
  • Pollution to surface and groundwaters
  • Disruption to natural and existing drainage patterns
  • Release of excess dust to the environment
  • Non-hazardous waste (paper, glass, plastic, newspaper)
  • Provision of potable water

The first programme launched as part of the EMS was the Waste Management Programme, this programme will manage non-hazardous waste generated within JSIF’s office.   The EMS consists of an overall policy and associated procedures geared at acheiving set objectives and targets. Conformance to set objectives and targets and continual improvement will ensure that we succeed in our committment to protect the environment.        .