Early Childhood Commission

The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) is an agency of the Ministry of Education, established by the Early Childhood Commission Act of 2003. The agency has overall responsibility for early childhood development in Jamaica. One important function of the ECC is to supervise and regulate all Early Childhood Institutions (pre-schools, basic schools, day care centres and infant schools), to ensure that they are efficiently run, and that they meet the health and developmental needs of children.

The relationship between the Fund and the ECC is an ongoing one as both organizations collaborate on Basic and Infant School projects as the need arises. Technical assistance is also provided to the Fund by the ECC in specific projects.

Before the JSIF Board of Directors approves funding for a project the ECC has to give a no objection to the work that will be undertaken and also to confirm that the ECC recognizes that the institution to be assisted meets the standards as set out by the ECC.

JSIF is a member of the Enhancement of Basic Schools Project Committee which falls under ECC supervision.

Under this MOU, the JSIF and the ECC will collaborate to provide cost-effective and responsive interventions that meet the needs of the beneficiary communities.