Communities/Benevolent Societies

Communities and Benevolent Societies are JSIF’s major partners. They contribute to the costs of their projects which is calculated at an agreed percentage (between 5 and 25 per cent) of the overall project cost. In this way, JSIF encourages the community to own their project. This contribution can be made as either cash or kind, for example:

  • Voluntary labour on the project e.g. preparing the site for construction.

  • Volunteer time for the project e.g. attending training, ceremonies related to project.

  • Provision of services for the project e.g. storage of construction material.

  • Fundraising

To date, the value of their contribution, stands at US$2.87 million.

JSIF encourages communities to participate in their projects because of the positive outcomes which have been reported in studies of JSIF funded projects. These include:

  • Strong community support for the concept of community contribution,

  • Demonstrated capacity in many communities to manage the community contribution,

  • The efforts made by communities to fulfill commitments to contribute to project cost

  • Community organizational strengthening as a result of community contribution

  • Increased sense of ownership and increased participation

  • Strengthening of social capital through networks with external stakeholders

Furthermore, the process of participation is expected to raise underserved communities to a level of awareness of self-interest and citizenship thereby leading to their increased involvement and responsibility in community and local government affairs.