Environmental Warden Project Launched In August Town

Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern, Hon. Fayval Williams (left); Systems Operation and Environment Manager for the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Dr. Milton Clarke and Senior Manager, Social Development at JSIF, Mrs. Mona Sue Ho, in discussion at the launch of the Environmental Warden Project in August Town on Monday (May 17).
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Thirty-four Environmental Wardens have been certified for the community of August Town and its surroundings, under the National Solid Waste Management Act.The  Environmental Warden Project was launched in the community on Monday (May 17), with Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern, Hon. Fayval Williams; Systems Operation and Environment Manager of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Dr. Milton Clarke; and members of the Community Development Council (CDC).As legal Environmental Officers, the wardens are primarily responsible for improving the awareness of proper waste disposal in the communities, before collection by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).Environmental Wardens have the authority to issue tickets to residents if they refuse to obey environmental laws. This ticketing system will be managed by the National Solid Waste Management Authority.The project is being funded by the Government, through JSIF and includes several interventions.“Under the Solid Waste Management intervention, we will be investing approximately $16.5 million into improving the space,” Dr.  Clarke pointed out.He added that they will provide the necessary solid waste management infrastructure, such as skip enclosures and bins.Dr. Clarke noted that after analysing the communities, it was found that there was poor solid waste management infrastructure as well as lack of enforcement, illegal dumping and the burning of garbage.He said the project should help to reduce the risk of pollution of the Hope River, which runs through the community, and improve economic, social and environmental benefits.Meanwhile, Mrs. Williams said the environmental programme, launched in August Town and surrounding communities, is extremely important.“Since I’ve been Member of Parliament of August Town, it has been a cry of the communities, in terms of the waste that’s here,” she added.Mrs. Williams, who is also the Minister of Education, Youth and Information, said the project aims to encourage civilians to manage their waste well from a community level.“I’m happy to hear that there will be some benchmarking done, so that we can see how effective a programme like this is,” she added.Environmental Warden and resident of African Gardens, Kaypore Man-Brown, said they need such a programme in the area.“Some people would throw their rubbish all over, so I hope and pray that everyone in the community will work with us,” she said.