Selection Criteria (JSIF)

Selection Criteria (JSIF)

JSIF has limited resources to fund community projects. In order to ensure that our interventions benefit the largest possible number of persons, highly accurate indicators have been developed. These help to identify communities where there is greatest need. A series of indicators are used. They include: the Poverty Map supported by the Social Development Commission’s (SDC) database of communities, the Planning Institute of Jamaica's (PIOJ) annual Survey of Living Conditions and field visits by Social Development staff.

The following criteria makes a community project eligible for funding:

  • The community must be poor
  • The project must be on the list of eligible projects
  • The project must respond to a priority development need supported by the majority of the community
  • The project must be proposed by a community-based group, either on its own or in partnership with NGOs, service clubs, private sector or local government entities
  • The community must be willing to provide a contribution to the total cost of the project in cash or kind
  • The community must be committed to maintaining the facility/service

JSIF cannot fund:

  • The purchase or lease of land or buildings
  • Construction on private land without relevant land documents
  • Recurrent costs such as salaries, maintenance, utilities
  • Projects sponsored by an individual