St. Mary Multipurpose Cooperative Infrastructure Upgrade and Equipping

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The project aims to improve, inter alia, the cold chain supply and to increase the markets accessible by small farmers from an initial 34 farmers to125 farmers and from one to four parishes. In 2018 the Revenue generated at The St Mary Multipurpose Co-operative was J$20,374,758 with a surplus of J$154,184. This grew to Revenue of J$20,715,771 at the end of 2019 with a surplus of J$363,085. The revenue and surplus are projected to grow in 2020 with the additional produce from the additional farmers from St Elizabeth. The Project is also in keeping with the Project Development Objective of the REDI II which is “to enhance access to markets and to climate-resilient approaches for targeted beneficiaries”. Additionally, the project is in line with MOAF’s strategic priorities of providing post- harvest infrastructure and cold storage facilities. Importantly, the reach of the project will ensure that it benefits a wide cross section persons targeted by REDI II. Finally, the sponsor group has demonstrated a commitment to market and distribute the increased volume of fresh agriculture produce for farmers from four parishes. (St Mary, Portland, St Thomas and St Elizabeth).
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Traditional/JSIF Procured
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Infrastructure Upgrade and Equipping
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Claudia Barrett
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Ruthven Wilson
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Vincent Thompson
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St Mary Multipurpose Cooperative Society
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Traditional/JSIF Procured
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2021 Dec 23