REDI II Plumwood Pumping Station PV Solar System Installation

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The project supports the overall objective of REDI II which is to enhance access to markets and to climate resilient approaches for targeted beneficiaries. It also supports Component Two objectives of the project which is to strengthen the capacity of relevant public sector institutions and associated entities to provide the public infrastructure and quality services needed to promote inclusive rural development.

Further to this, it supports Subcomponent 2.1: Public Infrastructure Investments. This subcomponent finances civil works, goods and consulting services for the priority public infrastructure investment required to improve the efficiency and climate resilience of targeted agri-food and tourism value chains. The project also supports farmers who benefitted from the drip irrigation interventions under REDI I as they purchase water for irrigation from the Plumwood Pumping station, and will support future REDI II beneficiaries.

The project also aligns with the JSIF’s contribution to National Development Goals – Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ (MOAF) strategic objectives: 1. To optimize the production and productivity of key local produce and products towards targeted markets with a special focus on youth in agriculture.
2. Climate Resilience for Agriculture Sector
3. Reduction in cost of energy
4. Reduction in carbon dioxide emission annually with the use of renewable energy source.
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Traditional/JSIF Procured
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Claudia Barrett
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Claudia Barrett
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Ruthven Wilson
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National Irrigation Commission Limited
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Traditional/JSIF Procured
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2021 Dec 23