JSIF Search Projects

Project Name Project Status
Mocho Primary & Infant School Refurbishing, Fencing and Equipping Completed
REDI - Business Development Consultancy Completed
Community Centres Phase 2 - Knollis and Bucknor Completed
Community Centres Phase 2 - Knollis and Bucknor Completed
Bethel Town Agricultural Cooperative Society Sorrel Value Chain Improvement (Equipping, Marketing and Capacity Building) Completed
Gibraltar All Age School Equipping Completed
Alternative Livelihood and Skills Development - Youth Engagement 2010 - Knollis Completed
Litchfield Basic School Expansion, Fencing and Equipping Completed
Treasure Beach Women`s Group Benevolent Society Promotion and Training Completed
Prospect Pig Farmers Association Pig Rearing Completed
ICBSP Focus Groups 2011 Completed
New Town Phase 1 Basic School Equipping - Hurricane Dean Procurement & Contracting
New Broughton Basic School Equipping - Hurrricane Dean Procurement & Contracting
Comfort Baptist Basic School Equipping - Hurricane Dean Procurement & Contracting
Poverty Reduction by Environment Skills-Training and Character (GOLA4) Completed
Craft Planting Project (GOLA 4) Completed
In The City Junior Golf Project In Development
PRP Community Development Grants for NSAs Procurement & Contracting
ICDP Environmental Monitoring & Testing Phase 2 In Progress
ICDP Safe Passages Project Completed
ICDP Safe Passages Project Completed
NSWMA Technical Assistance - Fukuoka Method Procurement & Contracting
Holy Spirit Foundation c/o St. Elizabeth Meat Processors - Equipping and Capacity Building for the Operationalization of Meat Processing Facility Completed
Employment Internships Programme Procurement & Contracting
Charles Chin Loy Basic School Rehabilitation and Expansion Completed
ICBSP Summer Camp 2010- Passmore Town Completed
Community Action Plans - ICBSP Completed
Organizational Strengthening of REDI project sponsors Completed
St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation - Development of a Tourism Strategic Marketing Path for St. Elizabeth Completed
Canaan Height Community Development and Training Initiative (GOLA4) Completed
Hillview Outreach Programme of Enrichment (GOLA4) Completed
The National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica (GOLA 4) Completed
Hope Worldwide Jamaica Out Of School Youth Employability Programme (GOLA4) Completed
Parenting Skills Improvement Seminar (GOLA4) Completed
Jamaica Community Crime and Violence Prevention Programme Coordinator In Progress
BNTF 7 HRD Consultancy In Progress
Flanker Primary and Junior High School Expansion, Rehabilitation & Equipping In Development
Albert Town Infant School Construction and Primary School Upgrade Completed
Alternative Livelihood and Skillls Development Employment project St. Catherine and Clarendon 2011 Completed
South Manchester Herbs and Spices Cooperative Society Drying Facility Completed
Pedro River Water Supply Electrical Upgrading Completed
STEP UP Household Wiring and Certification Completed
STEP UP Electrical Skills Training Procurement & Contracting
STEP UP Community Facilitation Completed
Linstead Market Renovation Approved for Funding
ICBSP Summer Camp 2011- Craig Town Completed
ICBSP Summer Camp 2011- Camp Hope Completed
ICBSP Summer Camp 2011- Flankers Completed
ICBSP Summer Camp 2011-Passmore Town Completed
ICBSP Summer Camp 2011-Bucknor Benevolent Society Completed