JSIF Search Projects

Project Name Project Status
Camp World Changer 2008 Completed
Rastafari Youth Initiative Council Cultural Summer Camp 2008 Completed
Aberdeen Health Centre-Hurricane Dean Completed
Ballards Valley Primary School Rehabilitation Completed
Christiana Health Centre-Hurricane Dean Completed
Fruitfulvale - Shrewsbury Cultural Centre Playing Field Upgrade Procurement & Contracting
Fruitfulvale-Shrewsbury Cultural Centre Playing Field Completion Completed
Building Communities Through Empowerment of Organizations and People (NSA 3) Completed
Children First Summer Camp 2004 Completed
Children of the Sun Summer Camp 2004 Completed
Ionie Whorms Inner-City Counselling Centre Summer Camp 2004 Completed
STEP UP 2013: Sweet Paradise Expansion Completed
Coopers Hill Primary School-Hurricane Dean Completed
Homestead Place of Safety Expansion and Upgrading Procurement & Contracting
Sanguinetti Basic School Remedial Works Completed
Care Bear Basic School Remedial Works Completed
Falmouth All Age School-Hurricane Dean (World Bank) Completed
Mannings Hill All Age School-Hurricane Dean Completed
Birnamwood Primary School-Hurricane Dean Completed
Gregory Park Primary Grade 4 Literacy & Numeracy Enhancement Project GOLA Completed
West Kingston Integrated Community Project - Sanitation Procurement & Contracting
Knolllis Summer Camp 2008 Completed
ICBSP/DRF Community Mediators Training Consultancy In Progress
Jones Town Summer Camp 2008 Completed
Shelter Rock Summer Camp 2008 Completed
Zinc Fence Removal - Zone A - Package 1 Completed
Zinc Fence Removal - Zone A - Package 2 Completed
Zinc Fence Removal - Zone A - Package 3 Completed
Zince Fence Removal - Zone B - Package 4 Completed
Glen Stuart Primary School-Hurricane Dean Completed
Cottage Pen Road-Hurricane Dean Completed
Botany Bay Road-Hurricane Dean Completed
Mt. Vernon Road-Hurricane Dean Completed
Youth At Work Completed
Logwood Road-Hurricane Dean Completed
Y.U.T.E. U-Turn Residential Camps Completed
RISE Community Safety, Economic Empowerment & Institutional Capacity Project Completed
PDF Wash Training- (Grant #3) Awaiting Funding
Youth Education and Recreation Package IV- Whitfield Town Zone B (2) Completed
Tradegar Park Basic School Construction In Development
Portland Cottage All Age School (2) - Hurricane Ivan Repairs Completed
May Day Basic School Equipping Completed
Spanish Town Infant School Sanitation - Part 2 Completed
Sunbeam Childrens Home Summer Camp 2007 Completed
Long Mountain Community Club Summer Camp 2007 Completed
Family-&-Parenting Centre Summer Camp 2007 Completed
East St. Andrew-Initiative Summer Camp 2007 Completed
Central Jamaica Conference Summer Camp 2007 Completed
Maintenance Training for NCDP Project Communities Procurement & Contracting
SUPER 18 Environmental Wardens Year 1 and 2 Completed