The Second Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI II), a project of the Government of Jamaica being implemented by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), mandate is to enhance market access and climate resilience of micro, small and medium-sized agriculture and community tourism enterprises. The project will have a countrywide approach in areas with good potential growth.  REDI II seeks to enhance the production, service capacity and access to market of operators in agriculture and tourism. In the case of agriculture, it involves increasing vegetable crop production and productivity, livestock production, marketing, agro-processing and value-added production.  In the case of community tourism, it involves increasing the number of visitors to community tourism enterprises and diversifying the tourism product by adding more experiential offerings. Key Responsibilities

  • Provide information in the project areas on the modalities through which community tourism enterprises and local institutions can participate in the REDI II project. 
  • Participate in local workshops and liaise with agricultural organizations and local authorities to stimulate participation and the presentation of viable subprojects to the REDI II project. 
  • Conduct field visit appraisal of selected subproject Applications to develop the scope of sub-project interventions.
  • Assist with the mobilization of subproject applicants for the preparation of business plans by external entities. 
  • Assist the rural enterprises/subproject management financed by the REDI II project in the implementation of their subproject
    • Provide feedback to the Project Manager and/or Agribusiness/Tourism Business Consultant on subproject implementation progress, constraints and possibilities for subproject implementation improvements. 
    • Participate in the data collection for monitoring purposes.
    • Remain informed of the main tourism policy issues in his/her professional field through liaison with the local TPDCo officers, the private sector and academia.
    • Represent JSIF at workshops and events.
    • Prepare reports which include but not limited to appraisal reports and/or monthly reports.